Zuverlässigkeit auf Abruf


We offer you a wide range of services. From classic taxis to airport transfers to medical services, disco taxi and transport services.

  • Up to five vehicles are at your service every day. Call for a taxi, come directly to one of the taxi stands (at the Eschenbach City Hall or the Alte Ambergerstrasse near Ed’s Bar in Grafenwoher), or simply hail one of our taxis going by.

    While those are good ways of enjoying short distance cab rides, we recommend you book a taxi in advance if you are planning a longer trip (more than 50 kilometers/ 30 miles) to ensure that we can discuss important matters beforehand. This way you can find out the exact cost of the trip and let us know if you will be traveling with lots of luggage. Perhaps you have special requests like adding additional destinations to your trip.

    Our staff will then be informed accordingly and can best assist you.

  • We are honored to provide transportation to and from area hospitals for outpatients who need to undergo regular treatments such as dialysis, radiation or chemotherapy.
    We usually offer this service for our German customers since some of the costs are covered by German insurance companies and refer you to the German version of our website for more information. If you do not speak or read German and would like to see if you qualify for this service, please do not hesitate to call us.

  • The Disco Taxi resulted from our idea that the young crowd out and about partying on the weekends should be offered an opportunity to book a taxi for up to eight passengers. Whether you are out socializing, frequenting events, or dancing the night away – share a taxi, share the fare.

    We want you to leave your vehicle at home – or parked wherever it may be if it is no longer safe for you to drive. This is how we aim to contribute to ensure safety on our roads. We can’t measure the success of this endeavor, but the fun nights on the road with our young (and young at heart) guests make it a worthwhile effort.

    For many years, this idea has been supported by KJR NEW which offers Fifty-Fifty tickets to local teenagers who can buy these tickets for 50% of their face value. Passengers can then pay their taxi fare using these tickets instead of or in combination with cash and save up to 50%.

    More information about this program can be found at:
    Kreisjugendring Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab

    • Please note that this service is only available for teenaged German citizens that are registered residents of the county.
  • A trip to the airport with us is a stress free and safe way to embark on your travels. We can take you to any airport, but most often take our guests to those within southern Germany (e.g. Nuremberg, Munich) or in close neighboring countries (e.g. Prague).

    Book one of our vehicles according to your individual preferences.

    Enjoy the advantages that come with our service: Get into our vehicle at your doorstep while our staff stows your luggage and travel in comfort all the way to your departure terminal and avoid unnecessary wait times, having to change trains or search for a parking spot at the airport, and you won’t have to worry about steep airport parking fees.

    Of course, we’d also love to be there expecting you at the airport. Our staff will receive you at the arrival terminal and take care of your luggage for you. This makes the trip home completely stress free for you – the best way to make sure you arrive home safely, especially after a long flight.

    Take advantage of our special Airport Shuttle offers:

  • Whether an important spare part needs to be delivered to Switzerland as soon as possible, a palette of semi-finished products needs to go to a factory in Poland, or a letter releasing an unpleasant colleague from his employment contract must be personally hand-delivered – we can usually respond to delivery requests in less than 30 minutes.

    Many businesses in the northern Upper Palatinate count on our dependability, discretion, and our quick but safe service.

    We are happy to assist you with

    • urgent deliveries
    • special trips
    • courier deliveries
    • festival tours

    We offer

    • Professional and courteous staff who personally deliver the cargo in their care
    • a state of the art vehicle fleet that is equipped with telephone and GPS navigation to ensure our vehicles can be located and tracked at any time
    • covered by roadside assistance within and outside of Germany to complete a speedy delivery, even if case of accident